Gabrielle Lapping-Carr, MD

Dr Lapping-Carr is a member of the Chicago Sickle Cell Disease Research Group and has devoted her time to translational research within this group.  Sickle Cell Disease is a hemoglobinopathy that has profound clinical sequelae, and Acute Chest Syndrome (ACS) is the number one killer in children with this disease. Her translational work currently focuses on ways to better understand the variation in lung pathology within the Sickle Cell Disease population, ie why do some patients develop ACS and others do not despite similar exposures? 

Dr Lapping-Carr has established a biobank of samples from patients with sickle cell disease at different key points during their disease.  With this database she has identified serum markers that play a role in endothelial integrity and response after ischemia.  Through this research she hopes to be able to identify a network of pathways that are dysregulated in patients that develop ACS and then study medications that best target those pathways.