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Program Overview

A child’s cancer diagnosis can be very devastating for both the child and the family.  Over fifty years ago less than 10 percent of cancer-stricken patients survived. But today there is a bigger cause for hope. More than 80 percent of childhood cancer patients diagnosed today will become long-term survivors, and of those, the majority will be cured of their primary cancer. Advances by specialists at Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago, and other pediatric hospitals and research institutions, have greatly improved survival outcomes over the years. 

Comer Children’s Hospital and The University of Chicago are at the forefront of cancer care. Our team provides the latest investigational therapies, as well as proven, successful conventional treatments. Our physicians and nurses are not only experts in cancer but also in cancer in children and teenagers. This significant distinction is paramount for both medical and developmental reasons. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of how cancer can affect a child's growing body. In order to determine the best treatment plan, our pediatric specialists do everything possible to minimize the effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and other therapies on a child's development.